At Tourniquet,

We "Turn-a-Kit's" and Dog's Life Around Forever

We provide various medical services for every animal rescued, including spay/neuter, regular medical check ups, and even operations to save their lives and restore them to good health when ever possible. This includes any medical attention such as intra venous medicines and whatever individual care is required.
No effort is ever spared for economic or any reason.

All of our rescued animals are fed healthy diets. We are proud to be partnered with PETCO for excellent adoptions. All animals are cared for and loved each and every day.

Doctor Scott Benson of The Pet Doctor of Flushing has performed life saving surgery and other treatments on numerous Tourniquet animals.

At Tourniquet Inc, our 9 full time selfless volunteers work with eleven Veterinary Hospitals, and four specialized Emergency Care facilities to bring the best possible care to our rescued animals. NO animals are ever killed . Tourniquet Inc, is a never kill facility.


We also Feed and Care for the needs of more than 100 animals each day, in addition to the hundreds of strays that we rescue, spay/neuter and purrfectly place each year.

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