At Tourniquet,

We "Turn-a-Kit's" and Dog's Life Around Forever


We are a registered 501(c) 3 Charity All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

The over 100 animals that are entrusted to our daily care are provided with TLC, nutritious food and optimal medical services.

For the continued safety and welfare of the strays entrusted to our care, our Board of Directors, our team, of 9 volunteers, along with very careful consideration and consultation with our vets, have collectively decided, There will be no return of strays to their colonies, once rescued, at any time!

All rescues are placed in one of the 3 carefully planned loving settings,  listed below, in what has been a continuous monumental undertaking, in collaboration with our attending vets and our team.


Each rescued cat/dog, one by one, as always, is afforded optimal medical care,  then evaluated according to temperament, health and blood work profiles, thorough exams and buddy companions considerations, so that no animal is separated from a bonded friend, or lifetime colony siblings, under any circumstances!   Special instructions are given to the new placements, with regard to keeping certain animals together.  Upon discharge and medical clearance from the vets, fostering from one of our 9 team members takes place, until the transportation is arranged for the trip to the new setting.  The transition is orchestrated as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, to insure that every loving stray,  enjoys it's forever loving happy home! We visit and monitor all placements and have an ongoing dialogue with each.




To meet the medical needs of the rescued strays and provide round the clock services, in Tourniquet’s community of Whitestone and the 2 other Tourniquet facilities in Suffolk County, New York, we utilize and have a working relationship with 12 excellent veterinary facilities and 5 (24/7) emergency hospitals.   

Our current ongoing plan, in our NEVER KILL mission,  is to rescue hundreds of animals annually and place each and every stray, that we save,  in one of the following purr-fect  choice settings:

1) A private loving home is sought for all friendly kittens, puppies and adult rescues (through display cages, showcasing our adoptable strays, at our vet offices waiting rooms) and or adoptions from North Shore Animal League, where we’ve been partnering for over 40 years.


2) All Feral healthy strays will be admitted into the Good Shepherd Cat Sanctuary in Delmar, Md., at a cost of $350.00 per admission, or to the Pigs Sanctuary in Shepherdstown, W.V., at an admission fee of $1,000--$2,000 per admit.  In addition, costs incurred to prep each stray, (with optimal medical care including spay/neuters/vaccinations/FIV/FELV Tests/parasite tests and applications of Revolution and Profender for each animal, complete exams and blood work and any other treatment or procedure deemed necessary by the attending vet),  will be a minimum of $400.   Thus far, we have admitted over 300 healthy feral strays to the Good Shepherd  Cat Sanctuary in Md., and some to the Pigs Sanctuary in Shepherdstown, W.V.


3)  All Feral and non-Feral rescues, with chronic and serious medical issues, (some don’t use litter pans), are not adoptable and are ineligible for other placement settings elsewhere.

For the past 44 years and presently, our Whitestone, NY sanctuary, with a lifetime commitment, nurtured, loved and cared for hundreds of non-adoptable, feral, socially withdrawn, or medically/physically challenged former strays, monitored 24/7.

Since the Whitestone facility was filled to capacity,  a need arose for another additional ideal placement for these special needs cases.  Subsequently, a second sanctuary was opened on Long Island, to accommodate the growing number of seriously incapacitated non-adoptable rescues, exhibiting severe medical issues, including wounds from abuse, disease and all types of injuries.  Each former victimized stray, now lives with unparalleled nurturing, love and attention, optimal veterinary services, with vet techs attending and assisting 2X daily,  providing nutritional food, prescriptive diets for deficits and a home that’s Heaven on Earth, replete with all of the amenities, each precious animal so aptly deserves, after a life of Hell on the streets!

In addition to the vet techs, my Son is also skilled in administering Sub Q fluids and certain treatments to each loving animal when needed!

A 3rd Tourniquet facility, in Farmingdale, NY, cares for neurologically impaired Tourniquet rescues and is home to animals requiring special monitored care and love, so they may continue to live and function well, despite their challenges.


The work began in 1976, out of pocket, with my parents, as a personal labor of love and soon grew into an effort so large, that to serve the need Tourniquet Inc., was formed in 2002 and registered as an official charity in the same year. At Tourniquet Inc, more than 97% of all contributions go directly to the care and feeding, spaying, neutering, placement, and medical needs of scores of animals daily, as the relentless crusade to save and "purrfect" place hundreds of new arrivals continues every year.

Monthly expenses range from $10,000.00
conservatively, with a high end of $26,874.10.

My pension heavily covers all expenses not reached by contribution (as did all of my salaries as a speech therapist), over the past 48 years.

Please mail your contributions made out to Tourniquet Inc.
to: Tourniquet Inc.
     PO Box 333
     Whitestone Station
     Flushing, New York 11357-0333

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