At Tourniquet,

We "Turn-a-Kit's" and Dog's Life Around Forever

Hello, my name is Jacqueline D'Elia. I'm a former careerĀ  Speech Pathologist, and I've always been an animal lover.I have dedicated over forty years of my life to the safe rescue of cat colonies and dogs in New York and surrounding areas.

Won't you help if you can?

A cat deserves a warm place to sleep.

...and lots of friends just like me.

I make friends easily if you give me a chance.

A kitty shouldn't have to fight it out
on the street to survive.

Will you be the one to help rescue me?Won't you please take the time to read about Tourniquet Inc. where I could get off the mean streets and have a chance at life with other cats like me who are safe and warm and loved and never ever go hungry?


We also Feed and Care for the needs of more than 100 animals each day, in addition to the hundreds of strays that we rescue, spay/neuter and purrfectly place each year.

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